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Originally Posted by cynwulf View Post
You made a silly thread and got a silly answer... (I don't see any evidence of "trolling").

That's pretty much it.

You first post was vague to me but the underlying question was interesting. 3rd party already exists in the various BSD's bases, at different level and are sometime being progressively expelled from the base (GPL licence code from OBSD).
Your second post (that I also read or else I wouldn't have answered it...) sounded to me like "Who wants F/OBSD install media with Desktop suite similar to Debian 8 Live?" and that brings the answer "already done: PC-BSD/TrueOS".

Originally Posted by Trihex View Post
The OpenBSD base install included Xenocara as well.
Xenocara is not 3rd party because it's fully part of the OBSD project.
GCC on the other hand is an example of 3rd party software in base.
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