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What makes Google Chrome so flashy, everyone is talking about new browser everywhere? I couldnt see a single reason to switch to the new browser. Google browser is long long way to go in comparision with Opera and FX.

Its funny to say there is a so called innovative feature: tab bar over the address bar. Tab bar over or under address bar, does it matter? I personally doesnt give a damn about it. Will it look nicer, more user-friendly, save space, or faster and more secure??? And btw, with Opera, it could take a few clicks to do that.

Each tab running under a single process to prevent crash? Thanks but no thanks, I havent experience any crash with Opera for months, also Im unsure of how much resource it will take.

The only feature is catching my intention is a new Javascript engine. I believe Mozilla Foundation is developing an identical one. Lets see how its going.

I reakon Google is reaching the point which it can influence users by its brand, not its actual product.

Same story for Apple products and FX recently.
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