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OpenVPN does not use IPSec, as you've noted. This has advantages and disadvantages, but "production-grade" doesn't enter into the discussion.

OpenVPN uses SSL over UDP (or TCP). SSL is widely used to encrypt traffic between web browsers and "production-grade" web servers, and has been for many years.

A much better question, nimnod, is "can OpenVPN be integrated into VPNs that require IPSec as a peer?" The answer is, "No, not directly, the protocols are incompatible. But gateway routers can be architected that use both technologies, enabling an OpenVPN-protected subnet and an IPSec-protected subnet to route traffic to each other via the gateway."

IPSec technology, by the way, is no guarantee of "production-grade" in-and-of-itself. One example: it is very easy to incorrectly configure a network topology for IPSec. A topology that works, but that doesn't actually use IPSec. In that way, an admin may believe the network is using IPSec when it isn't actually in use at all.
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