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I'd vote None if I could, lol.

I don't really have a favorite terminal emulator, in fact I used to collect them once upon a time. If I didn't have any special needs, I would use xterm for the same reasons as everyone else; it's always there if X is.

I have two "special needs", a terminal that supports some usable form of transparency and an 'endurance' font! I prefer support for UTF-8, but the only non-ascii symbols I need to display are: £, €, ä, ö, ü, and ß - so it's not a big problem. I use my term for almost everything text related, including writing code in vim. So it is set to a large size (20, 22, or 24px) of the Terminus font, usually in the dimensions of 25~35 lines by 80~90 columns depending on what I'm doing. I also prefer a terminal emulator with tabs, I don't like small fonts, overlapping windows, or terminal multiplexers. Currently I've found x11/Terminal and Console to work best for me.

But I tend to change my default terminal emulator periodically, just like web browsers lol. If my term didn't support some form of transparency, I would *never* see my wall paper, and that would default the point of running the X Windows System on my laptop.
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