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Originally Posted by fenrisW0lf View Post
...I have already tried out a brand new install with none of my data or templates and I still get the same thing, so the response doesn't really help.

At this point I am not sure where the problem lies - the php script dokuwiki or the apache configuration or php5. Is there anyway to trace.debug the php scripts to see what is happening?
It appears then that you expected to simply install an application found in the wild & hoped it would work. This may work with some applications, but what you have just experienced is what motivates the entire pkgsrc ports tree.

Applications found in the wild might be POSIX compliant (which is a good thing...), but more than likely they are Linux-centric, & the chances of them simply running on any of the *BSD's as they originally existed is slim. Even though you are dealing with a Web application which is abstracted away from the OS more than other types of applications, there are fundamentally two general issues when porting anything:
  • The filesystem layouts between the OS'es are markedly different. Some things are equal, but others are in different locations, or simply not there at all. You will need to study the manpage to hier(7) in order to adequately assess the problem.
  • Some libraries translate from the other Unix'es & Unix-like operating system as is. Others need tweaking. Still others don't translate at all such that you will have to write the appropriate shims. As someone porting the application this is your responsibility to determine, & you may need to port some libraries yourself.
You will undoubtedly want to put time into studying the compat_linux(8) manpage.

To be successful at porting, you need to understand the application at a deep level. Having seen the symptoms that you have presented, it would be a reasonable bet to guess that something is amiss in PHP-land which may be due to the reasons outlined above, or there may be a multithreaded race condition which appears on NetBSD which wasn't present in whatever OS dokuwiki was originally developed (again, more likely Linux...). You can continue to ask in various forums (& contacting the maintainer of NetBSD's PHP maintainer would be a good person to befriend...), but I suspect you will not be talking to the right people who have both the depth & particular knowledge you need.

It should now be apparent that porting can range from trivial to very complex. At this point, I would guess that porting dokuwiki is somewhere in the middle of this continuum.

As for how to resolve this set of problems, you have three choices:
  • Continue the porting process. Only you can determine whether you have the time, skill set, & patience needed to complete the task but if you do complete it, share your work by submitting it to the NetBSD project for inclusion in the pkgsrc collection.
  • Choose a different wiki application which has already been ported to NetBSD. The following page will give you information on what applications are already available:
  • If it important to use dokuwiki (& it sounds like you already had files you were hoping to leverage...), you may want to consider installing it on the operating system in which it is developed. Post to the dokuwiki forums to find out this information.
Good luck. You still have a lot of research in front of you.
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