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Originally Posted by marc View Post
So - what would you suggest for this netbook? what would be better to use? Which one has the best ACPI implementation
While I understand why you are asking, going with Open Source world frequently means that one has to:
  • do a lot of research.
  • take the rather incomplete set of data points which can be scraped together & make the best decision possible based upon what is frequently incomplete & sometimes contradictory information.
When it comes to OpenBSD & NetBSD, the best source of information is from their respective newsgroups. For OpenBSD, searching misc@ reveals the following:

As for NetBSD, the obvious sources to search are the netbsd-users@ & port-i386 mailing lists. Two threads which stood out (to me...) were the following:

Close study of these threads indicate that NetBSD's support of the S10e is probably not as far as OpenBSD's. Having the expectation that one or both will support any onboard wireless card may currently be unrealistic.

As for asking for a comparison of OpenBSD's & NetBSD's support of ACPI, you are making the assumption that someone actually exists who has knowledge of both implementations. I am not aware of any such person on this forum site, & in all honesty, I doubt there is such a person. What I do know is that NetBSD has been doing a lot of radical development between 3.x, 4.x, & 5.x thus far, and I suspect it will take some time for their code base to stabilize. OpenBSD's development is a bit more consistent, so I expect that this translates to stability in one way or another, but I will also state that I too focus most on OpenBSD, so I have my own bias.

The most tangible (& impartial...) thing you can do is install both & test for yourself, as you know your needs & usage patterns better than anyone else. Decide to test each platform for an arbitrary amount of time (eg. two weeks each...), & decide afterwards given your own experience.

If you are more familiar with OpenBSD, you already have some bias. So it comes down to how much time do you want to spend searching further in the various mailing lists & testing for yourself.
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