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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Hello, and welcome!

The "TL;DR" answer is 2.

Security is not a program or add on plugin that you install. Security is not an application you run. Security is not an OS that you use. Security is a process. It does not have a beginning, nor does it have an end.

The OpenBSD Project has a focus on security for the OS and the "built-in" applications and utilites. The majority of that focus comes through careful, deliberate software development practices, and continual proactive audits of the code base. (new membership, can't post links in my posts), security features of the OS are:
  • Full disclosure of any discovered security problems
  • Continuous auditing of the delivered code
  • Deploying new technologies that improve security or simplify security management
  • "Secure by default" installation configurations
  • Integrated cryptography
Third party applications are not audited; however they may benefit from the security technologies that were developed for OpenBSD, such as memory protection and privilege separation technologies.
Great, thanks

Do you think there's some kind of a website that offers a course to understand OpenBSD better for users like me or something similar like a free ebook library that has sources to learn about it?

And another question, regarding the security field, What type of programming languages should I start with?
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