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Originally Posted by HusseinMoussa View Post
Do you think there's some kind of a website that offers a course to understand OpenBSD better for users like me or something similar like a free ebook library that has sources to learn about it?
There are a few unofficial websites devoted to OpenBSD education, but I cannot recommend them. We're unofficial, too. The majority of us are just users of one or more of the BSD family of OSes, each with a variety of skills and experience.

Most of the OpenBSD "How-to" documents you find from unofficial sources on the Internet are out of date, incorrect, or incomplete. Most. If you use any -- including those you find here on this site -- please keep that in mind and use them with caution, knowing this.

The OpenBSD FAQ is the only official "How-to" documentation. It contains tutorials which supplement the excellent man pages, and is constantly maintained to align with the most up to date release.

Michael W. Lucas has written an excellent book, Absolute OpenBSD, which I frequently recommend. It is not free, but is well worth the investment. Michael writes for an audience with widely varying degrees of skill and experience, and his book is helpful to the newbie as well as to those with years of experience.

Edited to add: The OpenBSD Journal is a news and tutorial site managed by Project members. Tutorials are juried, and accurate at the time of publication.
And another question, regarding the security field, What type of programming languages should I start with?
As with systems, where there is no product that equals "security", the choice of programming language doesn't suddenly make applications secure, either. If you are interested in learning about code quality, you might look for a copy of The Art of Software Security Assessment: Identifying and Preventing Software Vulnerabilities by Dowd, McDonald, and Schuh. The OpenBSD Project recommends it, among others. Amazon sells it, and you may be able to find it elsewhere.

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