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Originally Posted by HusseinMoussa View Post
Do you think there's some kind of a website that offers a course to understand OpenBSD better for users like me or something similar like a free ebook library that has sources to learn about it?
As a newcomer, the best use of your time now is to learn how to effectively use Unix. While developing proficiency, also begin learning:
  • man(1) to read the manpages installed with a complete base installation. Reading & understanding the afterboot(8) manpage is essential for newbies.
  • As mentioned by others, reading the project's FAQ document is the best overview of the latest official release. Books such as:...can help provide more complete information. Both of these books are in their second editions.
Other tools & topics such as mail, packet filtering, & Web servers will come in time. First learn how to use & administer a basic system.
And another question, regarding the security field, What type of programming languages should I start with?
There isn't a single language used, & I would not recommend getting too fixated on programming languages. Much of the primary concerns of security is to understand what an application is to do, & verifying that the code fulfills this need. Recognize that it can take years to effectively learn to program well. We can help recommend directions as your knowledge grows & your questions become more focused.

Asking questions is encouraged. Learning how to ask questions after performing some preliminary research is both recommended & essential to growing your skills.

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