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Default OpenGrok from pkgsrc

Hi everyone:

My question is about the Opengrok source browser in pkgsrc and also in FreeBSD's ports. I am interested in building it from source on NetBSD, however I'm concerned it might not build because of it's dependency on Java. Has anyone recently installed this on any of the BSD's?

I recently tried installing the binary version via FreeBSD (pkg_add -r) however that failed due to the dependencies presumably having been removed since Sun was bought out.

In NetBSD's pkgsrc, it gives a link to an old opensolaris page which states a requirement for the latest Java, which of course takes you to an oracle site which has Java downloads but only for Solaris, Linux, Windows, and OSX.

I apologize for not providing any links, as I'm a new member there is a restriction about my not being able to post links yet....
Any info is appreciated
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