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Originally Posted by nilsgecko View Post
My question is about the Opengrok source browser in pkgsrc and also in FreeBSD's ports. I am interested in building it from source on NetBSD, however I'm concerned it might not build because of it's dependency on Java. Has anyone recently installed this on any of the BSD's?
Given that pkgsrc already has a port of OpenGrok, these issues have already been been resolved by whoever originated the port.

You are correct stating that you will not be able to download a NetBSD version from Oracle's Website. When it comes to third-party applications, it is best to stay with what the project provides in pkgsrc unless a newer version addresses some specific need, & you are familiar with how to port applications. Java is already ported to NetBSD, & information can be found at
In NetBSD's pkgsrc, it gives a link to an old opensolaris page which states a requirement for the latest Java, which of course takes you to an oracle site which has Java downloads but only for Solaris, Linux, Windows, and OSX.
I am not a regular NetBSD user, but I suspect what you are describing is similar to what OpenBSD does in its build of the JDK -- direct users to specific sites to get specific files because of licensing reasons. We don't get a lot of NetBSD traffic at this site; you will get more pointed information by posting to NetBSD's netbsd-users@ mailing list and/or to port-i386@ if this is specifically for i386. Information on subscribing can be found at the following:

Good luck.
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