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So after spending some time getting used to using the Redragon I ordered a Rytaki R6 as I said I would in the previous post, and fortunately it also remembers bindings after being programmed in Windows. Unlike Redragon Rytaki doesn't seem to have a website, maybe it is coming, but the software on the included CD works.

The side buttons are bigger which I think is a big improvement, and it has an extra button beside the left mouse-button. I have found a new way of using it where you use the inside of your thumb to push the rearmost three side buttons, and push the other 9 buttons with the tip of your thumb. It makes pushing the three rearmost buttons much easier and the bigger Rytaki buttons help with that.

The macro editor is slightly simpler than the Redragon one, and allows up to 20 keypresses (vs 31 for the Redragon – fortunately my email address requires 20 keypresses including pressing Shift+2 so I can assign it to a button). It does not allow the insertion of a standard delay between the keypresses (which the Redragon does), although it can record the actual delay that you use between keypresses when you are recording a macro. Both mice insert a small (few millisecond) delay between key events anyway... the Rytaki delay is slightly longer. The Rytaki doesn't allow the insertion of mouse clicks as part of macros, but it does include "Doubleclick" and "Tripleclick" as options for the buttons, which is fortunate for me as I actually use them. I had to insert a 20ms delay between clicks with the Redragon for the double click action to be recognised by all the operating systems I use. You have to trick the Redragon software into providing the delays so you can set up the macro by entering keypresses with a delay between them and then deleting the keypresses and adding mouse actions.

Strangely I could not find how (or it is not possible) to assign single keys to mouse buttons, edit: I just found it, it's "assign a shortcut". For some reason assigning a shift key such as ctrl, alt or shift does not work for me in Server 2012 R2 and I have to set up such shortcuts as a macro, it does work in Server 2008 R2.

The Redragon allows you to program the left and right mousebuttons and the mousewheel, but the Rytaki doesn't. Curiously both mice include a spare set of mouse feet, which is an encouragment to disassemble the mouse because the screws are under the mouse feet and normally the feet get a bit deformed when you peel them off. Which I did for the Redragon, and removed some LEDs that I couldn't deactivate with the software and then cooked the right hand side slowly with a lighter and pushed it in to remove the ledge on the right hand side, and filed it down till it would fit the base again then removed the burn marks with a dremel and sandpaper (the paint burns but the plastic behaves quite well)... because it's designed for people who rest their ring and pinky fingers on the right, and use their index finger on the right mouse button, but I rest my index finger on the mousewheel and ring finger on the right mouse button and prefer a narrower mouse. The Rytaki has a similar ledge for the ring finger plus pinky but it's less pronounced, and it's much more comfortable for my finger position.

If you don't need the extra features of the Redragon the Rytaki has an extra button and larger buttons on the side pad and a more solid feel. And if you use the same finger position as me the Rytaki is really a lot more comfortable (for people who don't have all the tools they might like for melting the right hand side of the Redragon). But they're both pretty good, I won't be going back to a 5 button mouse. And what button layout to use would need its own thread.

Some pictures:
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