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The Linux framebuffer (fbdev API) is not the same as KMS (Kernel mode-setting).

I'm not sure what you're complaining about. Are you trying to get a low-resolution console back after running Xorg? Or are you trying to get the highest resolution possible on your hardware on Xorg and are unable to?

Just assuming by BSD you mean FreeBSD ... After FreeBSD boots, it's running a low-resolution console. You will have a high-resolution console only if you explicitly load the KMS kernel module or run xinit/startx and then exit Xorg.

You can use vidcontrol(1) to control the mode of your console.

If it's the latter you're asking about, then Xorg may be using the vesa driver by default either because it's having trouble using your VGA's driver (its model is unsupported by the current FreeBSD port of the KMS driver, the VGA driver has a bug, the hardware has a bug and is blacklisted, etc.) or simply because the vesa driver is the only one you've installed and your Xorg installation is missing the proper driver for your VGA (e.g. x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel).
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