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@roddierod -- no, all three big bsd's do the thing I mentioned, netbsd, openbsd and freebsd too.

@beastie - yes, thats exactly what i want. i want low resolution 80x25 old school vga text console after i quit xorg. in freebsd xorg started in full hd resolution, but when i quit xorg the console went super high res, too and it couldnt go back to 80x25, on my system freebsd's vidcontrol exhibited some extremely buggy behaviour.

@idop - yes, i know about the video kernel command line parameter in linux, but text looks ugly even in 640x480 mode, at first you go "hey, this looks simmilar to 80x25 vga mode, i could work with this", but after a week you go "jesus, cant stand to look at this anymore".. its not the same as old school 80x25 vga text mode.

thanks for the replies.. i will try illumos oses instead of bsd's for a bit..
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