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Default BCM4331 and ndisgen

Hello everybody, how are you doing,

I am trying to get my laptops internal Broadcom BCM4331 wireless working.
It looks to me like the Broadcom drivers in FreeBSD don't support networking for this one, so I am trying to get it up with ndis. (I found an old stackexchange question were somebody said they got a 4331 working on FreeBSD with ndis, but sadly they didn't say how)
I extracted a BroadcomWirelessWin7x64.exe file, which contains a driver, which I know works with Windows.

It contains these files:
Code:    bcmihvui64.dll  bcmwl6.inf      bcmwlcoi.dll
bcmihvsrv64.dll  bcmihvui.dll    bcmwl6.sys      DPInst.exe
bcmihvsrv.dll    bcmwl664.sys    bcmwlcoi64.dll  DPInst.xml
ndisgen bcmwl6.inf bcmwl6.sys
resulted in

ndiscvt: line 3095: VID_02d0&PID_4319&FN_1\LocationPaths\*: syntax error.
this is the line in question:

For now i just deleted that, and with that ndisgen generates a bcmwl6_sys.ko file.
(It asks if I want to include additional firmware. Do you think any of the files listed above could contain that?)

I added bcmwl6_sys_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf.

Now if I do ifconfig there still is no bwn0 (same as before) or a ndis0 device listed.
What am I missing?
kldstat lists the bcmwl6_sys.ko file, so it is loaded, right?
On the dmesg the 4331 is still listed as bwn_pci0: . Does this mean it is attached with the bwn driver, and therefore unavailable for ndis. How would I remedy that?
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