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Default OpenBSD 4.7 issue?

I just installed OpenBSD 4.7 AMD64 on a desktop using a CD I bought. When I boot up it asks for commands like this:


I had used 4.6 briefly and don't remember it being like that. There should have just been a $ or something indicating you were in shell. I can enter basic commands after it but not anything like package installation or reading man pages. It says something about a kernel page fault trap two lines above it, so that might be the issue. I'm wondering if the install went wrong, if there's a hardware issue (I can list more details if needed) or maybe there's nothing wrong at all and I just need to type something to get into a normal shell. If I had to I could just leave the CD in and type 's' when it asks for install, upgrade or shell, but I don't see why it would be necessary. I appreciate any help.
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