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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
The boot> prompt appears before the kernel is executed, you'll only see a ddb> prompt after the kernel has loaded.. you can reboot the machine from ddb using "boot reboot" as documented in the ddb(4) man page.
Okay thanks. I just had to type -c right at the start before it loaded the kernel. I followed jggimi's instructions to disable acpi and now get a protection fault trap, detailed below.

Without ACPI:
inteldrm0 at vga1kernel: protection fault trap, code=0
Stopped at intr_find_mpmapping+0x2f
Originally, with ACPI:
uvm_fault(0xffffffff80c9e980, 0x0, 0, 1) -> e
kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped at azalia_set_command+0x25: movq 0x68(%rdi),%rsi
If you need much more info than that, I could just film myself on the desktop, as it would be easier for me (and possibly all of you helping me) than me writing out everything.

Also, there doesn't seem to be multiquote on this forum, but I may try that i386 idea if you think it has a high likelihood of working. I just don't want to uninstall what I have now.
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