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hey chill
oh nooes bad bios bugs in the foxconn mobos!!! you know what i think i read similar things about some of the intel boards, letme think what model was it.... nah i can't remember, but it was supposed to have support ddr3 @ 1600 and all the testers got caught and wasted days trying to get it working heheh.

Asus is ok to good... and a good name as well, got it.

To answer your last question, At the moment just looking around at different systems to see what looks tasty, and I narrowed it down to 2 boards, the classic Supermicro and Foxconn that i didn't really notice until a couple of weeks ago. Great to get a heads up about it, although I can't really see an alternative at the moment as supermicro seem to be churning out duds in their desktop range.
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