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Originally Posted by FHW View Post
I'm not convinced about the intel boards, they make great cpus no doubt, with their cache and core levels growing at the moment. At first I thought that hey if they make tricked out cpus, shouldn't the boards match the chips? But the more I looked into it, the more I found problems, just little things here and there that accumulated over time until even just hearing the word intel board made me feel well green . For me their cpus and chipsets are ok compared to AMD, but the boards are missing something.
like i said they are not perfect. for eg. their layout could be better. on my board the voltage regulators are spread on two adjacent sides of the cpu requiring an omnidirectional heatsink/fan for proper cooling. as a result i can't use the heatsink that i wanted and i ended up buying an antec TAC chassis to improve cpu cooling with the stock intel heatsink (i don't like TAC).

given the price at which it retails, they do a decent job. on a workstation board that costs twice as much its easier to get things right.

BTW, putting half a kilo of copper on a board, using all solid capacitors ... nine 120mm fans in a cabinet... maybe a good gimmick but not good design.

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