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But they all do that now so I don't see what the difference is except it keeps mentioning the "services" and "content". I was told this is the same EULA used in Google Docs and elsewhere so I still think it's a cover-your-butt legalese for when they use this for items submitted to the web, for example YouTube.

Not that I know. Matt Cutt's blog (he's The Google Guy) has two posts about people who are paranoid and he says they're not collecting anything. Google for him cause I don't have the link.

EDIT: Well, I just can't leave that loose.
Common Questions
For the paranoid
If you’re just surfing around the web and clicking on links, that information does not go to

- If you are typing a search or url in the address bar, Google Chrome will talk to the current search service to try to offer useful query/url suggestions.

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