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Default Gnumeric and Abiword goodness

I know people hate it when you don't answer the question but instead tack on experience with other software, but I can't resist!

I was an user for many years but honestly for my uses Abiword and Gnumeric do just what I need now. There certainly are times when you do need a fully fledged office suite, but I think more people than less would be able to accomplish their work using just these tools.

Plus, they compile, install and run [b]so darn fast[b], on my new Core 2 Duo e8400 FreeBSD 7.0 desktop they both open faster than I can lift my finger off the mouse after clicking their menu icon!

I can't really vouch for KOffice having only lightly used Kspread a few times, but I imagine it's a similar story.
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