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And the compiler toolchain, in this case LLVM/Clang is not part of the base install. but has to be installed through the ports/packages system.

I could install lynx, but the install of alpine failed. The system complained about missing a stdc++1.14 library. As mentioned in the first post I did not use the standard Bitrig bsd.rd installer because of lack of a CD recordable. Because I was not in the mood to set up a PXE install, I installed manually:
  • # fdisk -i sd0 to initalize a MBR
  • # disklabel -e sd0 to create a root partition labelled 'a' and swap labelled 'b'
  • # newfs /dev/rsd0a to format partition 'a'
  • mounted the 'a'partition
  • untarred the base01.tgz and etc01.tgz
    Because I forgot to mount the USB stick with the softdep,noatime options the unpacking took quite a long time.
  • installed the bootblocks
  • ran MAKEDEV to create the static /dev device entries
  • enabled DHCP in /etc/hostname.bge0
I have to admit I initially forgot the MAKEDEV . Recently I did some manual FreeBSD installs. Because FreeBSD's /dev/ is populated dynamically, it does not need this step.

Maybe there is something extra that the Bitrig install does that I skipped . I will have to redo the install using their bsd.rd and find out.

BTW the boot messages are in green instead of blue
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