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w3m ?
  • aware of other character codes than en_US
  • may (option) display pictures (some webmaster provide "uncopyable" data in png format, never heard of OCR)
  • handles tables
  • can be used to translate html/tables to plain text
  • can be used as a pager as less/more
  • ...
Actually I now use cURL and scripts to read tables and order the data as I want to.
Typical html page with tables 66K if saved as html, all the data 1833 Bytes! once cvs or tab delimited.

w3m's interface is less polished than Links+ (a bit heavier, almost same functions but not all) or Dillo (GTK+1 or do they really switch to FLTK, yet another graphic tool ?).
Find w3m a better candidate on OpenBSD to add browsing with tables and images on FVWM.
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