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Talking SOLVED for now... >> mini howto...

I tried on the LCD and xterm(jail) could not work as before, to connect to Xephyr(new-10-Stable). Let us test the jail once more to see if "cntl-shift grabs mouse and keyboard" message at the top of the Xephyr window enables moving the half-visible opera (working) leftward, but BEFORE that could occur. opera (fixed for now) loads center (at least this time).
# psuedo code, some items changed
mount -t ufs /dev/gpt/jail /JAIL
Xephyr :1 -screen 3000x2000
# in another terminal
jail -c path=/JAIL mount.devfs ip4add= command=/bin/sh
# in the resulting jail
df    # is the jail only seen, a test as it were
xterm -fg green -bg black -display :1    # :1 is Xephyr vs Xorg
# in the xterm, in Xephyr
opera -display :1
So "half a jail" hastily setup, by hours of testing found something that works...
Hope this helps those searching the site and the internet for a similar method or
a howto. Despite this being a CRT and I don't know if it will still work on a LCD or
not... ... or suddenly fail within the next few reboots or weeks.
Unreadable fonts in opera >> older working opera running in a jail FROM the newer sytem, indeed both opera browsers running concurrently, in seperate terminals on the same desktop.
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