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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
So what do you use if I may ask? WebKit based browser even worse crap IMHO. Opera is dead. Is Konqueror still active? I see some recent releases. Ideally we could use Netsurf but there are quite a few basic features that needs to be added for usability starting with better JavaScript support.
Netsurf ain't bad. Mainly, the lack of javascript is detrimental in terms of some websites I might visit, but there's also an advantage to the lack of javascript!

Netsurf does such a good job w/o javascript, it sometimes amazes me. Much of the time, I can't really tell it doesn't have js, just by working with the UI. Maybe, someone should hit Netsurf's donation button a couple times, so as to facilitate the javascript. On the other hand, that might ruin the browser.

What it amounts to is that bloated, crappy, commercial, insecurely built-out websites (unfortunately, all the biggies) - force bloated, crappy, insecure "receiving software" onto the users who consume their "broadcasts"

It's only ever the mega-sites that force me over to use one of the big three browsers. Maybe I should just be like RMS, and use a text browser.
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