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Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
Yes, you can nfs mount /usr/src and /usr/obj into the VM and run installworld from there. This is the recommended way of doing source upgrades on multiple systems with similar hardware (build on one machine, install on many).

Signal 11 errors are sign of (usually) RAM issues. You should run memtest86 or memtest86+ or similar on the host hardware. It could also be signs of overheating CPU, or dying harddrive.
awesome, i will give that a shot.

as far as the hardware, i moved this to a temporary piece of gear. it is a brand new in the box 1950. it has error checking ram and has done some significant workload since i started testing/preparing for this migration. i realize that new hardware could still be faulty, it just seems unlikely.

thanks for the answer on the sourcing. hopefully installworld will just complete and i can move on.

if not, im sure you guys will hear from me as i rebuild into a 6.2 or 6.3 VM on the ESX server.
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