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When first researching this, I did see a bunch of stuff on the web about the beryl/compiz nvidia bug that caused a similar situation, but since I'm not using beryl/compiz, I didn't figure that it applied. I also saw a similar bug on the KDE bug tracker, but it is a fairly old entry and spoke of more recent nvidia drivers fixing the issue. I've asked the maintainer on that bug for some more information, since I couldn't find any more details on my own regarding that issue.

I'm running the latest (from ports) nvidia driver, which is version 173.14.12 with a GeForce 6200 PCIE16 card. With regards to the built-in compositor, I'm not entirely sure. I'm using KDE4.1.1 from ports, on a recent RELENG_7 system. KDE4 is set to use OpenGL, where the options are OpenGL or Xrender.

As far as the former issue goes, it doesn't seem to be related - no one else is mentioning it when talking about the nvidia black window bug, at least. Once I figure out what the fix is for the black window bug and apply it, I'll see if the first issue goes away...
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