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it seems like this package is not actively developed- last entry is ca 2009-06-
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. And there is any such package for sparc64-
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So you must compile yourself using pkgsrc. About java- the only one reliable and actively maintained is openjkd. You should use only pkgsrc on NetBSD. And I wouldn't waste my time compiling directly from sources- that's why pkgsrc comes in place.

The PATH and PKG_PATH you must set in your .profile or shell rc file so each time you login your setting will be kept- this is nothin NetBSD specific.

I would advise you also to have a look into OpenBSD sparc64 port and FreeBSD sparc64 port.

OpenBSD doesn't have maven though- pls check your self once again-
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FreeBSD also seems not to have this package:

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Please double check yourself again.


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