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There's another thread about building upgt that resolves this, thanks to Carpetsmoker, but FYI here:
There are two files.
However, the build looks for fw and since it's not there tries to download but there's no network, that's why it's needed. Catch 22.
Put the fw zip in /usr/ports/distfiles
Put the other zip, probably anywhere, but I unpacked it in /usr/src/sys/modules/usb/upgtfw/
Then in that directory, "make" and "make install".
Since in release 9.0 everything else is pre-loaded in kernel I'd like to do the same with upgtfw but "device upgtfw" is rejected in the kernel conf file. There are other "device ****fw" lines but it doesn't work in this case.
So to load it dynamically at boot use /boot/loader.conf and add this line: upgtfw_load="YES"
Then reboot. USB wireless stick should be recognised properly.
Now you can use what you paid for.
Thanks to all those that made this possible.
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