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a similar error now with a lighter port : xsnow

`/usr/ports/pobj/xsnow-1.42/fake-macppc/.fake_done' is up to date.
===>  Building package for xsnow-1.42p2
Create /usr/ports/packages/powerpc/all/xsnow-1.42p2.tgz
Error: /usr/ports/pobj/xsnow-1.42/fake-macppc/usr/local/man/man6/xsnow.6 does not exist
Fatal error: can't continue
 at /usr/libdata/perl5/OpenBSD/ line 1386.
*** Error 1 in . (/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/ '/usr/ports/packages/powerpc/all/xsnow-1.42p2.tgz')
*** Error 1 in . (/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/ '_internal-package')
*** Error 1 in . (/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/ 'package')
*** Error 1 in . (/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/ '/var/db/pkg/xsnow-1.42p2/+CONTENTS')
*** Error 1 in /usr/ports/x11/xsnow (/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/ 'install')
It actually had occured an hour ago and I thought my ports tarball was corrupted so I refetched from the main ftp site but got the same errors.
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