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Originally Posted by geekswordsman View Post
...the command directly to ifconfig results in a system freeze. The only way I can get it to work without a freeze is through the hostname.ath0.
Please consider taking the time to organize as much information as possible to create a formal (complete) problem report to the developers. Information on what is considered relevant, necessary, & informative can be found at the following link:

This site is independent of the project proper. Developers affiliated with the development of OpenBSD are not (generally) aware of discussions here, so any abnormal behaviour discussed here needs to be formally submitted in terms of problem reports if such problems are/can be resolved.

As mentioned previously, there are a certain number of recent Atheros chipsets which are similar to what was referenced in the creation of ath(4) but not entirely the same. I have seen one properly identified in dmesg(8) output which then crashes the kernel in -current upon scanning for available access points. Not that this identifies what you are encountering, but for the developers to resolve such problems, they need as much useful information as possible.
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