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Question How to build upgt firmware

I think I just need to know how to build the upgt firmware. I'm not finding anything anywhere on this, except my own posts from release 8.2!

upgt is a wireless usb stick driver and as of release 9.0 is now included loaded in the GENERIC kernel, but it requires firmware.

The firmware is available from a location but it seems to be broken: the filename for the firmware is sometimes called
and sometimes called
. Spot the difference?

Moreover, inspecting the contents it is internally inconsistent, and also specifies the wrong total size in bytes.

I unpacked it, re-packed it with consistent name, and adjusted the checksum to match and tried a manual make. It then goes and tries to install a file that's just not present in the zip.

Also, wierdly, making the build attempts to retrieve itself from
and if not found or checksum fails attempts to retrieve self from network. So you have to provide the zip in distfiles when you run the build!

Are there TWO files, one called firmware and one called fw? Or is it completely broken? How are you supposed to build this? Can anyone help? Thanks very much.
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