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Thanks jggimi, with all the info/help in your posts I was able to successfully mount the USB stick!

The biggest confusion through all of this was that the FS type was being reported as NTFS by the disklabel utility. This was not the case however; as it turned out to be exFAT.

This is an excerpt from the disklabel output showing this:

16 partitions:
# size offset fstype [fsize bsize cpg]
c: 241827840 0 unused
i: 241796608 31232 NTFS
I can't now remember which command hinted at exFAT in the first place - but after installing exfat-fuse, the /dev/sd1i mounted with mount.exfat-fuse on the first try.

Again, I can't thank you enough. I had high expectations for Daemonforums, but wasn't expecting a resolution to something in my Intro thread
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