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Originally Posted by XeBuZer0
I already uninstalled NetBSD deleting the partition and I'll put it again, as a last try before put the partitions on their correct place (fortunately, I didn't have anything yet on NetBSD), and then I'll let you know if changing the partitions works.
Changing the partitions is not a trivial matter, and at this point I would do that only as a last resort, after careful thought and further consultation. For example, if you move the partition data from the 3rd MBR partition table slot to the 4th, this will not be in agreement with you current grub install, nor with what's in your /etc/fstab file, because what used to be sda3 will now be sda4. That means you won't be able to boot Linux as is, you may need a rescue CD, etc.

If you reinstall NetBSD using the 4th MBR slot to describe the 3rd partition area on the disk (just as before), then I would start with bsd-keith's suggestion. Looking at one of the other linked threads, it seems likely

chainloader +1

would also be needed in the grub config, wouldn't it?
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