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How do your machines get IP addresses?
My machine gets IP from DHCP server, But the devices are assigned static IP but the people in charge of those devices keep on changing the IP.
Is there any dedicated DHCP server?
There must be a DHCP derver, but as those devices are assigned ststic IP I dont know if there's any point querring DHCP server on top of that half of the subnet IP are reserved of static assignments so DHCP server will not use those IP.
If yes, what's the OS? Could you query your server's arp cache through your perl script?
Chances are that it could be a cysco router. But I don't know network administrator will allow me to do that.
If no (i.e. your router has a DHCP server role as well), I'm afraid you can't do much, apart from trying to find a way to keep your arp cache up-to-date.
Hmm. Then I'll need to have entire 10.30.1.X subnet into my systems arp cache. One way I could of ding this is to ping all devices (could be very time consuming) and what if I just finished runing ping and somebody changed the IP of one of the devices .

I think I'll have to come up with some other way.
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