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Originally Posted by milestone View Post
today I gave it a try but it didn't work for me.
- I downloaded the image by j.McNeill (for RPI2)
- unpacked it
- mounted the IMG
- copied everything to my SD (modified the config.txt before)
- could not boot from SD

-> copied the old files to SD and I am able to boot again.

What's wrong?

Never tried a RPI2 image, but I really don't see any concrete reason which it shoudn't be working for. Personally I followed this procedure on both RPi3 and Odroid C2. Had you perhaps modified cmdline.txt too so as to point the kernel to a root partition different from the default one (lda0)...and forgot to apply the same modification after upgrading? On the other hand the boot partition should by itself contain everything needed to boot already, so, were that the case, the boot procedure should rather fail at mounting root
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