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Default Netbook - NetBSD or OpenBSD?

Hello everyone,

I am using OpenBSD for a quite some time on several machines - from server to desktop range [in fact - it serves me great as my main desktop OS of choice], and i recently installed it on Lenovo S10e netbook.
Also - I'm testing NetBSD installed on USB thumb drive and I must say I'm quite undecided about which OS would be the best [when it comes to the HW support - ACPI in particular, with a special emphasis on a fan device - I'd like it to be as quiet as possible, and it depends on the ACPI part too].
So - what would you suggest for this netbook? what would be better to use? Which one has the best ACPI implementation? I'm pretty aware of many advantages/disadvantages of those two OSs, but I'm not a hardware guy, you know. I can work on each one of mentioned *BSD as they're pretty similar in SW side, but HW support is important to me as well.

Thanks in advance for any replies,

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