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Originally Posted by vermaden View Post
Accirding to this review:

RE3 and Black are pretty the same, but RE3 sometimes is dissapointing:

Personally I would get the Black one or if RE3 is cheaper then the RE3 one, they are really pretty similar (or its the same driver with other name ...).
Thanks Vermaden

The thing is, this is the 1 TB RE3: in my previous post I finally found 'some test' for the 500 GB RE3, which comes out nicely. I'm thinking 'performance of RE3 1 TB isn't necessarily similar to performance of RE3 500GB'? Adding to that what Carpetsmoker wrote about reliability of the RE, I'm tempted to just say 'ok, greater reliability, performance ok, let's not waste my time over 'cheaper' versus 'expensive': buy the RE3.
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