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Originally Posted by cableguy View Post
...programs such as Ilustrator and Photoshop ...
With very few exceptions [1], none of the 8,766 [2] third party applications available for OpenBSD are commercial closed-source program products such as those two products of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

See the /pub/OpenBSD/<release>/packages/<architecture> directory at your nearest OpenBSD mirror server for a list of available third party packages, and see FAQ 15 for a discussion of the ports and packages system for third party products.

[1] One that comes to mind is www/opera. The Opera browser is a free but closed source application, available as a binary "port" due to license restrictions on redistribution, and usable with OpenBSD/i386 only, under compat_linux(8) Linux emulation.

[2] That's the count as of yesterday, for -current, per ports/INDEX.
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