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Default Health problems and depression, and then more ---

I made a post/request here: But did not want to de-rail my own post with all of this, any way, seems like when we think things can not get worse, they do.... Now I need to fix this on my PC, and it is a really bad time.
Tomorrow I go to the hospital , for tests, probably will be needing a operation, if that is a option, the Doctor says it is very serious, but any way, I don't want any one feeling sorry for me, or something like that, it is just the way life comes and goes, or is,...However I do feel it is important to be sure the PC is going to be working well, and bootable, I do have back ups, etc, but no one else in my family or friends would know how to deal with it, if for example there is a power failure, and then the PC does not boot correctly... so I need to fix that.
Just writing this , seems like a ton of work, besides being depressing. I have been taking high doses of pain medicines for close to a year now, but guess that is not really relevant, at least I am not in much pain, however at times it does make it difficult to think clearly,..
Any way, the doc says we need to do something, and so be it. I agree, am am really tired , etc,... Seems pathetic, that I need to ask for help doing something that I should be able to do on my own.
Like wise, I do, thank fully , have my younger son here helping me, he takes care of the birds, and helps me with a lot of things, all things that I used to be able to do my self,so any way, that is why I needed to post , and ask for some help with what should be a rather simple task. I will be "guiding" him, and hopefully he can follow the instructions ok, So any way, that is why I need to ask for some step by step instructions on resizing the partition, Thanks
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