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Gary, hang in there. It gets better. I had surgery and went from someone who was very active to being someone who couldn't walk without a walker. Then, (I live in a 7th floor apartment) 2 days after I got home the elevators were taken out of service for month for repair. I had to laugh.
(3 years later I walk pretty normally--I can't kick above my head anymore or drop into a front or back roll and keep walking, but if you'd never seen me do those things before you wouldn't know anything had happened.)
Point being, it sometimes takes time and seems like it'll be forever, but it isn't--little by little you see the improvements. And I would guess pets from the parrot family will help occupy you too. Even though I haven't met you, your good humor and willingness to share, both errors and help, makes a difference, and we're all waiting for you to post again. : )
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