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Life is an adction, I cant resist the next moment, for good or bad it comes
for me.
Who will win the election, only those who live will know. This experince is to vived to let go.

The pain, the joy, the wisdom, hate, sorrow, love
Even worse, or might a little better tomrow.

In the the end we all go to /dev/null
Did my life mean anything?
We all and you have plenty of pain and reason to be depresed.

My experince have tought me,
a) It is best not to face the darknes of infinete space and time alone, in the blink of a moment we cal life.
b) Have true hope or a lie you atleast somewhat can belive in.
c) Dont let depresion alone guide your life,

I sometimes wonder if there is a deeper mening to it. i am not 100% ceartin we all go to /dev/null and there is a smal hope for me.

Thank you for sharing with us!
I hope you have your family close!
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