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Originally Posted by yurtesen View Post
radcapricorn, I already explained why I think it doesnt work and I also gave you a way to test it on your own. Please read my posts as a whole.
I didn't mean to offend, and I don't throw the context away. What I have meant is that you're building your decision on top of say 'untrusted' thing. I might say that, while running powerd and launching that kind of program you've posted (chkfreq I mean), it may well be that the frequency just goes up again so it does show max freq and all.

What is inside the cpufreq code is not relevant as you can figure out if it works or not by comparing the processor frequency with what the cpufreq sysctl says only.
Well that's nice... What is inside OS code is irrelevant, but what's inside third-party code is? Are we still talking about OPEN-SOURCE UNIX system or (you-know-what-OS-I-mean)?
cpufreq speaks to drivers that do the actual work. Generally, if ACPI system/drivers on your box may lie, so may cpufreq. But in that case it's not powerd/cpufreq fault anymore.

So I explained how I tested the situation and how I test to see if cpufreq is working or not, back to my question, how do 'you' test that cpufreq works?
Well, I hope the people will offer their options. Personally I don't test if I'm certain that ACPI works (if I'm uncertain, I don't use tools like cpufreq so nothing to test here :-) ).
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