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Originally Posted by Randux View Post
That's fine, there should still be an option to use the old Xorg or new, in the middle of a release. That kind of a major change needs a new version (they should have waited for version 7) and the users should be shielded from that magnitude of changes until they opt for the new version.

There's no excuse for tearing my system up when I try to build one new package.
At the time, one could set a make.conf variable that chose which X server to use. As such, it was a simple 1 line "fix" to keep XFree86 as the default X server that everything would depend on.

Not sure how much simpler they could have made it.

New installs g[o|e]t Xorg, existing XFree86 installs could continue to use XFree86, and those that wanted to upgrade from XFree86 to Xorg could do so.

I remember a lot of traffic on the ports@ mailing list around that time with the procedures to use, and I thought there was an entry in /usr/ports/UPDATING, but now I can't find it.

The big thing that caught people was the simultaneous transition from X11BASE=/usr/X11 to X11BASE=$LOCALBASE (/usr/local), which required a re-install of all X-related ports, or a symlink setup. And I believe it's on FreeBSD 6.x that you have to add a line to /etc/make.conf since the ports tree when running on 6.x can't redefine X11BASE on it's own.

So, all that being said, I'm not really sure how they could have made it any easier.

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