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Default "Post your sendmail SMART_HOST usage and guide if possible"

I had one working back a few years ago... the ISP changed hands (it was the dialup era). I've guides saved as .htm, several books with a page or two, but meanwhile, given incompleteness as to the entire picture, not to mention ease of use, maybe someone or two ( from here, FreeBSD specific) can by posting relevant information(s) save one (myself to start) hours and hours of time.
For instance, I recently purchased a 'small mailbox'. The guide to set it up with sendmail is nowhere to be found, and the one for Thunderbird is for the Windows dialogs and are not useful for FreeBSD's Thunderbird... without a whole lot of
experimentation. And it appears the company also changed hands, (as well as
the dialup referenced above), so the staffing dedicated to resolving the issue is
apparently not in the budget, not being Wiindows/Mac/Android centric.

Not that it is urgent in the webmail era, but still...

Sorry to report I am unable to post anything. I've at present 31 .htm in
/etc/mail waiting for a clue as to which way to proceed next... and am out of
time (for this year maybe)...

/edit/ Seems like the below might work for sendmail... untested as of yet

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