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Sorry about the necro post, but I wanted to speak up for Org-mode without cluttering the forum with a duplicate topic.

I've tried Taskwarrior, but I prefer Org-mode. Taskwarrior is great if all you want to do is keep track of your to-do list and tick off completed items, but if you've got Emacs experience Org-mode is so much more versatile. I can use it for task tracking. I can use it for note-taking. I can use it to write novels and build websites.

Strictly speaking, however, you could maintain your to-do list without Taskwarrior or Org-mode. Just stick it in a text file. If you're using a BSD, you can use your ~/.plan file to store your todo list, and stick it in git as part of your dotfiles collection.

And if you're running a BSD machine with multiple human users, they can view your todo list by fingering you.
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