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Originally Posted by sepuku View Post
...i'm trying to mount my external drive!I
In addition to J65nko's article, you should familiarize yourself with Section 14.17 of the FAQ. The important (abbreviated) steps are to:
  1. Identify the device node used by the kernel to identify your attached device. This can be found in the output of dmesg(8).
  2. Identify what partition (if the external drive is already initialized) the kernel is using to name the external drive through disklabel(8). By default, foreign filesystems will get a partition letter of "i" or higher (because "i" is mid-way between "a" & "p"), but don't blindly assume "i" is the letter of the device. The definitive test is to look at the output of disklabel(8).
  3. Mount the device according to the information found in the mount(8) manpage.
To unmount, look at umount(8).
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