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Originally Posted by sepuku View Post
I don't want to share my files with windows machine
IF (and that's a big IF) ... you have a flash drive which you will not be using on MS Windows platforms, then you can format for native use with OpenBSD:
  1. Use fdisk(8) to reinitialize the MBR, assigning a single MBR partition to OpenBSD.

    # fdisk -i sd0 (note that's a "zero", a number, and not an "oh", a letter)
  2. Use disklabel(8) to create a single OpenBSD partition within the MBR partition. As in this example, the "a" partition.

    # disklabel -E sd0
    a a
    [press Enter to all questions, taking the defaults]
  3. Format the partition.

    # newfs sd0a
  4. Mount whenever needed. For automatically mounting, take a look at hotplugd(8), or perhaps amd(8). This manual mount example assumes that /dev/sd0a is associated with /home/sepuku/usb in your fstab(5).

    $ grep sd0a /etc/fstab
    /dev/sd0a /home/sepuku/usb ffs rw,noauto 0 0
    $ pwd
    # mount usb
    # ls usb

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