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Two more things, just for your education:
I just want to create,copy downloaded files,delete files etc. to my extrernal drive.And any kind of manipulation on my files.Is this safe on ntfs?That's what i can't figure!
No, it is not safe. Data loss should be expected. This is OpenBSD, where NTFS has been "experimental" since its inception in 2003, and read/only access is all that ever worked. Until 4.9-release, NTFS mounting required a custom kernel, even read/only.

From your description of your situation -- the MBR partition type is NTFS, but it mounts with -t msdos -- it appears your MBR is marked as NTFS, but the underlying filesystem is not NTFS, instead, it is one of the FAT MS-DOS formats.

FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, etc.) is ubiquitous. It has no security, is very simple, and is the de facto format used by all sorts of devices, such as USB sticks (as shipped by the factory), and storage devices in digital cameras, phones, etc.

NTFS is Microsoft's native filesystem for NT-based Windows systems -- Windows NT and all its antecedents, such as XP, Vista, 2003 Server.
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