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You can try setting TERM to xterm-color, xterm-xfree86, or screen ... I don't know what the correct one is, since I don't know which terminal emulator you're using.

Here is the relevant section of my tcshrc. I use xterm with tmux.

# Do the $TERM dance; these options seem to work best on various systems...
if (($?TMUX)) then
    setenv TERM screen
else if ($uname == OpenBSD) then
    setenv TERM xterm-xfree86
else if ($uname == FreeBSD) then
    if ($tty =~ ttyv*) then
        setenv TERM cons25
        setenv TERM xterm-color
else if ($uname == Linux) then
    setenv TERM xterm-color
    setenv TERM vt220
It might also be a problem with the key binds in your shell sending 'wrong' codes...
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